WELCOME! TEPAS is 50 years Hurray!
Thank you for celebrating our 50th Anniversary with us
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  • Application Forms
    Demand for a placement at Tema Parents' Association is highly competitive. Please Click HERE for admission requirements.
  • Academic Programs
    TEPAS offers academic programmes starting from nursery and kindergarten up to J.H.S education. Please Click HERE to learn more
  • Moral & Spiritual Development
    The school counselors hold weekly counselling on various areas. Also, worships are held at the multipurpose hall to lift the Pupils up spiritually. Please Click HERE to learn more
  • Fees and Payments
    Our prospectus and other information such as fees and payment methods can only be obtained in the school. Please Click HERE to learn more

Why chose TEPAS?

Why Us?

At a time in the building of the Tema Township, the need arose for high quality education for the children of some executives on transfer to the city. They wanted a school with international standards. The desire led to the birth of Tema Parents’ Association School on the 1st day of May in the year 1963 at the temporary premises of community 2.

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